How do I Get Started?

Welcome to Hetzner!  Here’s how to order your hosting package and get your website up and running:

1: Create a Hetzner account

Register here for your Hetzner account. Remember to copy and save your account password. Registration provides access to your Hetzner control panel for ordering and managing your hosting services.

2: Log into the konsoleH control panel

konsoleH is Hetzner’s proprietary control panel that provides the convenience of administering all your services with Hetzner from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

To start using your control panel, visit ( Login with your email address and password provided when creating the account.

3: Order your Hosting package

Click New Order and choose your ideal hosting package and/or domain name.

4: Set-up your domain

New domain: If you have ordered a new domain as part of your sign-up, you don’t need to do anything else to activate it -- it will be live as soon as propagation is complete.

Transfer your domain: To transfer an existing domain name to Hetzner, follow our helpful step-by-step domain transfer guides.

Self-manage your domain: If you’d prefer to keep your domain registration with your current provider, you need to ensure that you have provided the Hetzner’s name servers to your current domain host or registrar.

5: Create a web page

You can upload web pages to your web space using the FTP account provided. Configure your FTP client software with the FTP access details provided to you.

6: Create an email address

Mailboxes can be created via konsoleH by selecting the ‘Mail’ option on the left-hand menu.

Once you’ve created your email address, you can access it via Webmail or by configuring your own email client software.