konsoleH Access levels

The konsoleH control panel allows access at two management levels via the centralised login page found at: http://myaccount.hetzner.co.za or via a menu link on our home page.

Management levels are categorised by the type of information available:

  • Admin Level

    • The highest level, providing access to all services/domains within a Hetzner account.
    • Login (user name) – the account owner’s email address or current customer number
    • Password – the management password
  • Domain Level

    • The control panel of an individual domain.
    • Login (user name) – the domain name e.g. example.com (without the www)
    • Password – FTP password
      • Note that new domains are created with a randomised, unrecorded FTP password -- this password needs to be set first, before Domain level login can be used. Here’s how

This list of services available in konsoleH provides further information.