How to Reactivate Your Account

If your Web hosting account has been deactivated (suspended) due to non- or late-payment, you are able to have it reactivated immediately at any time of day simply by making payment.  Managed and Self-Managed Servers, as well as Colocation services require manual reactivation, which takes longer.

Payment Options:

Pay with a Card (debit or credit)

  1. Refer to any of the email payment notifications that have been sent and click on the Pay Now link.
  2.  Make payment via this secure Virtual Card Services (VCS) payment gateway, using a debit or credit card.
  3. Your payment will reflect immediately and your account will be reactivated within a few minutes.

Pay via EFT

  1. Pay into the following account:  
    • Account Holder: Hetzner (Pty) Ltd
    • Account Type: Savings Account
    • Account No: 916 685 6924
    • Branch Code: 632005
    • Bank: ABSA Bank 
    • Use your customer number as reference
  2. Proof of payment: Browse to konsoleH and log in at Admin level kh login
  3. Select the Account Admin tab on the right hand side kh-account-admin-tab-2
  4. Select Billing > Statement Overview  from the lefthand menu
  5. Tick the Payment Made box
  6. Our system will automatically reactivate your account in the next few minutes. Allow 10 minutes for the system and if your account still appears as suspended then clear your browser cache by holding in the ‘Ctrl + F5’ keys simultaneously.
    • Should your payment not reflect on our bank statement in three days after you have selected the Payment Made Tool, your invoice will roll back to Final Reminder status and risk possible deactivation again.
    • The Payment Made box can only be used once per invoice, so this payment should reflect the full amount owing for each invoice.