Global (gTLD) Domain Transfer Guide

Preparation is the key to a successful gTLD domain transfer. Follow our guide for first time success:

.com. | .net | .info | .biz | .org | .tv | .mobi | .co | .cc | .de | .eu | .capetown | .joburg | .durban | .africa

Step 1: Prepare for gTLD Domain Transfer

  • 1. Check the Admin email address
    • Ensure that you have access to the email address listed as the Admin contact for your domain on a Whois lookup. An email “ticket” requesting permission to transfer the domain will need to be accepted from this email address.
    • If your current host is listed as the Admin contact, they will need to accept the transfer request on your behalf.
    • If the email address is outdated or wrong, your current registrar can update it for you, but a waiting period applies and you’ll have to wait until this period is completed before you can submit the transfer ticket.
    • For most international TLDs you will need to instruct your current registrar to ‘unlock’ your domain for transfer. This needs to happen before you initiate the transfer process.
    • An Authorisation Code will be required to action the transfer of international TLDs (all domains except, .de, .eu). This will be generated when the domain is unlocked.
    • Note: A 60-day waiting period applies to new registrations or transfers – if your domain has been registered or transferred within the last 60 days, you will not be able to submit a transfer.

Step 2: Transfer

  • 2. Order your hosting package
    • In konsoleH Select New Order at the top right of your screen kh new order
    • Select Web Hosting & your preferred hosting package and hosting location → Nextkh choose service
    • Select Transfer an existing domain name
    • Enter the domain name e.g. example, without the preceding www.
    • Select the domain extension from the drop down list, → Next kh transfer
    • Enter the details of the Registrant and Admin contact → Next
    • Note for resellers and web designers: Do not provide your own details. The Registrant is the organisation or individual who is the end-user of the domain, not the service providerkh domain owner
    • Select/Confirm your payment period (only one payment method is allowed per customer’s Hetzner account), → Next
    • Confirm your order details
    • Accept the ‘Terms and Conditions’ > Place Order kh place order
    • Your hosting package is now automatically set up and ready for use.
  • 3. Upload your website & set up email

    To avoid any downtime to your website or email, it is best to upload your website and set up your email on our servers before the domain is transferred:

    • As a transfer can take up to 14 days, we recommend that you update your Domain Name Server (DNS) at your current host to point to Hetzner’s hosting server before you request a transfer. Your new DNS information can be found on server details
    • Upload your website
    • Create your mailboxes
    • Set up your email
    • You’re now ready to submit the domain transfer request
  • 4. Submit your transfer request
    • Domains are updated or transferred via a voting process, with a voting ticket sent to the email address listed as the Admin contact of the domain. This is the only email address authorised to accept the transfer.
    • If this address is incorrect, contact your current registrar to change it (a change period applies).
    • The Domain Transfer Manager in konsoleH enables you to submit the transfer ticket to the outgoing registrar that will transfer your domain name registration to Hetzner.
    • The Domain Transfer Manager is active for 47 days. If the transfer does not complete within this period, the hosting package will be terminated, removing web content and mailboxes.
    • Submit the transfer request:

      1. Browse to konsoleH and Log in at Admin level
      2. Select or search for the domain name to transfer in the search bar of the Hosting Services tab kh your account mag
      3. Select Manage Serviceskh manage services
      4. Select DomainsDomain Transfer Manager kh choose dtm
      5. Confirm that all conditions have been met, or else the transfer will fail > Next kh checklist DTM
      6. This confirmation screen reflects the email address that will receive the transfer request ticket > Submit kh-DTM-submit
      7.  A ticket will now be submitted to the registrar to start the voting process with the current registrant.
      8. Exit konsoleH.
      9. You can return here later to check on the status of your transfer.
  • 5. Accept the voting ticket

    If you are the Admin contact of the domain:

        1. Check your email and accept the update request (voting ticket) that you will receive from the registrar, OpenSRS. The voting ticket is valid for 5 days, whereafter a further 7 day waiting period applies for domain updates.
        2. You will receive email confirmation that the domain was updated.
        3. You’re done! It will take about 24 hours for propagation to complete so that the change is visible across the Internet.

    If you are not the domain registrant:

      1. The current registrant has 5 days to accept the transfer voting ticket, whereafter a further 7 day waiting period applies for domain updates. You will receive a notification from the registry, once the ticket has been accepted. Propagation will then start as the name servers update to Hetzner’s.
      2. You can view the transfer progress by returning to the Domain Transfer Manager tool in konsoleH.
      3. If the transfer update is declined, you will need to resolve any outstanding issues, and resubmit the transfer request via the konsoleH Domain Transfer Manager.
      4. Still struggling? contact us