iPhone & iPad mail troubleshooting

User Name : name@example.com
Your user name is your full email address
Incoming Server : mail.example.com
Ports : IMAP 143 / POP 110
Outgoing Server : smtp.example.com
Port : SMTP 587



This guide will help you fix errors in the setup of an email account on an iPhone or iPad.

Is this a first time set up? Then use our Auto-configuration tool or  iPhone-iPad email setup guide, rather than this troubleshooting guide.

This guide uses IMAP and No SSL by default.

Replace example.com with your domain name.


  1. Select settings on your home screen.iphone settings icon
  2. Select Accounts & Passwords from the menu 
  3. Under Accounts, select the relevant mail account
  4. Click the Account name
  5. Ensure that your Incoming Mail Server settings are correct:
    • Host Name starts with mail.
    • User Name is the full email address
    • Password is correct (forgotten passwords can be reset in konsoleH)
  6. Select SMTPiphone-choose-smtpThen click the Primary serveriphone-choose-smtp-2
  7. Ensure that your Outgoing Mail Server details are correct:
    • Host Name starts with smtp.
    • User Name is the full email address
    • Password is correct
    • Use SSL is off
    • Authentication is Password
    • Server Port is 587iphone-smtp-settings
  8. Once you have confirmed all your settings are correct, select Done.

Still struggling? Refer to our guide of common email problems or contact support@hetzner.co.za.