Mac Mail Auto-configuration step-by-step

  1. Browse to  (preferably on the device that the account should be installed)
    1. Insert details
    2. Select the Copy button
    3. Select Create Configuration file
  2.  Download options:
    1. If this is the device on which the account should be setup, choose Download. 
    2. If the account needs to be setup on a different device, choose Email + Send Configuration file (in this case note that you will need to send the pass code separately)
  3. Paste the code that was previously copied (desktop: cmd + v, mobile: click + paste) , then select Download Configuration File
  4. Desktop only: Find the file in your downloads folder and double click
  5. The Profile Settings will be displayed. Select Install
  6. The mail account is now setup. Open Mail to view.


  • If you receive a Token mismatch error, clear your browser cache, or view this page in Incognito (Chrome) or New Private window (other browsers) and try again.