Multiple domains are add-on domains hosted on the sub-directory of a primary package.  Each domain has its own webfiles, but share the disk space, database and traffic quotas of its parent account. FTP access is via the parent account.

They include:

  • One mailbox
  • Online Mail Administration tool
  • Online Web Mailbox

Note: Multiple domains are not for resale. The structure of this account type make them unsuitable for such use. Resellers should consider the Volume Plan.

Multiple domains can be an effective and cost-effective option for a business with a number of related websites. They are unsuitable for unrelated businesses, though due to the structure of the account – security, backup, suspension, DNS, or blacklisting issues with one domain could affect the others.

For WordPress on Multiple domains, a manual installation is necessary.

Multiple domains can not be added to the legacy Micro and Micro Pro packages.

Add a Multiple domain to your account:

  1. Browse to konsoleH at Log in at Admin level
  2. Select or search for the domain to which you want to add the Multiple domain
  3. Select Manage Services
  4. Select Add Multiple Domain
  5. Follow the online ordering process to order your Multiple domain

No setup fees apply to hosting a Multiple domain, however, the following quota limits will apply:

  • Basic package: a maximum of 10 Multiple Domains
  • Standard package: a maximum of 25 Multiple Domains
  • Advanced package: a maximum of 50 Multiple Domains
  • Master: a maximum of 75 Multiple Domains

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