What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is an encryption technology that creates an encrypted connection between the web server and your visitor’s web browser so that confidential information can be transferred.

While a separate IP address was previously required, this is no longer required

What is an SSL Certificate?

A SSL certificate is a form of validation that is installed on the webserver. All Hetzner hosting packages now include Domain Validation SSL certificates by default.

Your secure site is accessed via https:// rather than http://, and indicated by a padlock icon in web browsers. Extended validation (EV) certificates also show a green address bar.

A site’s SSL certificate can be viewed by clicking on the padlock icon in the address bar. Pay particular attention to the information under Details, which provides the validated company information (if any).

Digital certificates are issued directly by a trusted certificate issuing authority (eg. Thawte, Verisign, Let’s Encrypt).

SSL certificates – which one is right for you?

All SSL certificates offer the same levels of encryption, but differ according to validation levels – the extent to which the domain is vetted and proven to be linked to a particular organisation. The validation level does not affect the security level, but rather reflects levels of user trust i.e. the more you need users to trust your website’s authenticity, the higher level of validation certificate you will choose.

1. Domain Validation (DV)

These SSL certificates validate the domain ownership against registry records. No organisational information is vetted or displayed on the certificate.

  • Displays a padlock icon in the browser address bar, and no company information on the certificate.


We offer free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with all websites.

2. Organisational Validation (OV)

These SSL certificates validate the domain ownership as well as the organisation’s identity.  Some organisational information is displayed on the certificate.

  • Displays a padlock icon in the browser address bar and some company information on the certificate 

We offer Thawte Web Server SSL as an optional extra.

3. Extended Validation (EV)

These SSL certificates validate the domain ownership, organisational identity as well as the legal existence of the organisation i.e. an extended validation of the business or organisation is required.  The green address bar provides the highest level of trust to users that the company is legitimate.

  • Suited to credit card transacting websites, banks or financial institutions, or any site that could potentially be the subject of a phishing scam. 
  • Displays a green address bar as well as a padlock icon in the browser address bar, and company information on the certificate.


Extended Validation certificates should be obtained directly from a Certification Authority of your choice, and we will install on your domain.


SSL does not include software to process credit card transactions. Although you can securely receive credit card information through SSL, actual processing of the credit card will require a ‘Merchant Account’ from an accredited financial institution.

Pricing & Ordering

  • Let’s Encrypt Domain Validation SSL certificates are included free with all hosting packages and are installed and renewed automatically.
  • A once-off setup fee applies for enabling THAWTE Web Server or your own SSL certificate purchased independently. Email admin@hetzner.co.za to order these SSL certificates.
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