Website Security

Besides the best server-side security features, Hetzner makes use of the following website security features:

SuExec software (along with Fcgid) is used to separate hosting accounts hosted on the same server from one another. This ensures that web content belonging to one website cannot be accessed by another website on the same server. The security benefit derived from this is that compromised websites cannot negatively affect other websites hosted on the same server. Fcgid which is used in order to implement SuExec for PHP, provides a dramatic performance improvement for PHP in addition to the security benefits.

Hetzner also makes use of ModSecurity which is an open source, cross-platform web application firewall (WAF) module. This module allows us to help protect your website against various cyber attacks. Further to these measures, Hetzner also assists with protecting your mailbox, SSH and FTP passwords by blocking IP addresses from which too many failed login attempts originate.