We’re a proud supporter of the WordPress monthly Meet-Ups and WordCamp events that have taken place over the past few years. The annual WordCamp is an opportunity for WordPress designers, developers and business owners to come together to share learnings and establish connections with like-minded people. For Hetzner, it’s an opportunity to meet our customers and to spend time with this vibrant, growing WordPress community.

A few reasons why we love WordCamp:

  1. It’s always a pleasure meeting our customers face-to-face. The annual event provides an ideal platform to listen and to learn, as the attendees talk, engage and debate on all things WordPress and the changing landscape of website design and development.
  2. The WordPress CMS offers everyone the opportunity to give functionality, style and navigation to their dreams. Entrepreneurs have a space to showcase their business endeavours; and inspires creative expression for budding and seasoned designers and developers. These are all qualities that resonate with Hetzner.
  3. We’re proudly South African and love the fact that WooCommerce, a South African brand, is the leading shopping cart plugin for WordPress.
  4. It’s also an opportunity to get out of the office and be surrounded by the people who have chosen us to be partners in making their online dreams a reality. There’s no better reason than that!

Building relationships one website at a time

With over 45 000 WordPress websites on our hosting platform, we understand that people pour their passion, vision, creativity and business goals into their websites. We understand the trust placed in us and work continuously to offer a hosting experience that enables our customers to thrive online. People, not technology, are at the centre of our hosting.